Plains Indian Powwow, Cody Wyoming


Plains Indian Museum Powwow

Cody, Wyoming's annual Plains Indian Museum Powwow Day, held late June, is a celebration of the rich, vivid Native American culture through song, dance, costume and sharing of ideas. Read More

  • The Plains Indian Museum Powwow is a culturally diverse event held in Cody, Wyoming.
  • The event takes place annually in late June.
  • Locals and tourists are given the opportunity to participate in dancing, singing, eating and competitions celebrating the Plain Indian's traditions.
  • An event aimed at preserving and sharing cultural identity.

Overview:  Cody, Wyoming's Plains Indian Museum Powwow is an opportunity for locals and tourists to reconnect with the past and share ideas and cultural differences with Native Americans. Friends and local tribes gather together and share dance, food and traditional stories, there is also a costume competition for any-one handy with a sewing machine. The activities are both fun and a great eduction for children and adults alike.

When: June 16th-17th, 2018

Where: Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming.

Fee: Costs vary throughout the event.

Details: Guests at the Powwow can participate in an Indian Culture fancy dress competition as well as dance and jingle competitions. Indian delicacies and desserts are just a few of the wide range of traditional foods available to sample. The event is a great reminder of the diversity of culture in the American West and the need to retain traditional cultures.

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