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Meeteetse Area Ghost Towns

The Meeteese area of Wyoming, gives visitors a unique insight into the by-gone days of the gold-prospectors, the towns of Kirwan and Arland are long-deserted but retain buildings and artefacts from those days.

  • Visit remnants of Kirwan, an old mining town and gain an insight into how the gold-prospectors lived.
  • Take a trip to the Bloody Town of Arland and hear the tales of violence associated with the old town.
  • Visit the Meeteese Museum to find out more about the area's fascinating history.


Several ghost towns lie near Meteetsee giving the visitor the chance to see another time preserved. Once a busy gold and silver mining area the workers were forced to leave due to extreme weather, leaving their homes and most of their belongings. The towns lie in remote areas and visits are only arranged occasionally and in good weather. The ghost towns are rarely disturbed but if you are lucky enough to visit it is a truly fascinating way to see the past with your own eyes.

The Gold and Silver Mining Town of Kirwin

The Kirwin area and the lands surrounding it have several different ghost towns. See remnants of a town that once had 200 people, 37 buildings including boarding houses, hotels and saloons.

  • Visitors can contact Meeteetse Museum Inc on 307-868-2423 for details
  • The Kirwin area is only accessible from July-September and the trip usually takes a full day. Donations are appreciated.

The Bloody Town of Arland 

The town was established in 1886 by Victor Arland and was once thriving with numerous buildings, including a saloon and house of ill-repute, however, it was notorious for its violence and numerous murders.

  • Arland lies at Meeteetse Creek in the Kirwin landscape.
  • Contact Meeteetse Museums, Inc regarding trips on 307-868-2423.