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Bighorn Mountains

The Bighorn Mountains, just an hour outside of Cody, Wyoming, boast 70 miles of stunning scenery famed for its world class outdoor pursuits and beautiful snow capped mountains.

  • The Bighorn Mountains range, just an hour outside of Cody, Wyoming, is a scenic mountain range encompassed by the Bighorn National Forest.
  • The Forest is a multi-use terrain and boasts exceptional hiking, camping, biking and snow sports.
  • For a scenic drive take US Hwy 16, 14 or 14A to observe the natural beauty.


The Bighorn Mountains Wyoming are a stunning expanse often known as the 'Shining Mountains' due to their snow capped peaks. The Bighorn National Forest encompasses almost the entire extent of the Mountain range and makes it an ideal area for a wide range of outdoor activities. With scenery ranging from alpine peaks to canyons it is a multi purpose area and has three major highways running through which provide wonderfully, scenic drives.


The Bighorn Mountain Range is just an hour outside of Cody, Wyoming and stretches 70 miles between the Bighorn Basin and the Powder River.

The Bighorn Mountains are open all year but snow sports are obviously only available in the winter months and biking and hiking are usually better in the warmer, drier months. Also be aware of road closures in extreme conditions; US Hwy 14A is usually closed from November through May.


With the diverse terrain of the Bighorn Mountains there is no end of activities. The visitor can try snowboarding, skiing, hiking and camping.

Mountain biking is a particularly popular pursuit and the Bighorn Range has some fantastic biking trails. The East Tensleep Lake Loop, is located in the Southwestern region of the mountains and is a 8.1 mile three to four hour trail. It is best enjoyed in summer once the trail has dried from the snowmelt. It is only requires moderate ability so can be enjoyed by all.

Additional Info

The three main scenic routes are the US Hwys 16, 14 and 14A. All provide stunning scenery and a great way to experience the beauty of the area. 

Contact the Bighorn National Forest on 307-672-0751.

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