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Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is 2.2 million acres of breathtaking American countryside and just an hour's drive from Cody, it's easy to take advantage of world-class fishing and view phenomenal sights.

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  • Take an hour's scenic drive from Cody, Wyoming to Yellowstone National Park and see America in all its wild beauty.
  • Enjoy world class outdoor pursuits such as cycling, walking and camping.
  • The unique wildlife and geology are not to be missed.
  • See natural wonders such as the Yellowstone Grand Canyon, Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs and much, much more.


One of America's most beautiful locations, visit Yellowstone National Park for some truly spectacular sights, including geysers and mud pots, and a wide range of outdoor activities such as fishing, walking or cycling. The vast expanse is impossible to explore in one trip so choose a section and explore all it has to offer. An hour's drive from Cody, through some of America's some stunning wild landscape, the journey is as breathtaking as the park itself.


Take the East Entrance of Yellowstone's five entrances. It is approximately an hour's drive to Cody.


The Park is open all year, although most entrances, including the East Entrance, close in November to prepare for the Winter Season. The only entrance accessible by vehicle in the winter months is the North Entrance in Gardiner, Montana. Snowmobile and snow coach tours are a great way to explore the park during the winter months.


There are so many geothermal attractions in Yellowstone National Park that it is nearly impossible to see them all. A great place to start is by driving the scenic figure 8 loop road through the park. Grab a map and brochure at the entrance gate and see all the attractions that you have time for along the road. Not to be missed attractions include Old Faithful (which blows approximately every 30 minutes to 2 hours), Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone Lake.

Wildlife Viewing
The choice is endless but some top activities include observing the Park's geology and wildlife such as deer, buffalo and grizzly bears.

Fishing is also a favored pursuit with the legendary trout streams, Madison and Yellowstone Rivers being particularly good spots. A trip would not be complete without viewing the awe inspiring Yellowstone Grand Canyon and Old Faithful Geyser.

From short easy boardwalk hikes to extended multi-day trips, Yellowstone offers outdoor enthusiasts a number of trails to explore its vast wilderness and unique attractions.

The cycling opportunities are also world class and road routes such as the Old Gardiner Road cater particularly well for mountain bikers.

More Information

For more information on visiting Yellowstone, call the park directly at 307-344-7381. For camping reservations, call 866-439-7375 or Book Online.

Questions & Answers

Cody, Wyoming is 91 miles from Old Faithful, around a two-hour drive. The drive time may take longer, depending on traffic at the East Gate as well as in the park. You'll travel along the Buffulo Bill Senic Byway, US 14-16-20 for about 52 miles to the East Entrance of Yellowstone over the gorgeous Sylvan Pass. From there, you'll travel the Grand Loop to the West end of the park. Be patient with your drive and enjoy the scenery and any chance wildlife encounters along the way. If you're anything like most visitors, Old Faithful is not the only stop you'll want to make along the way.

Cody, Wyoming is about an hour from the East Entrance to Yellowstone 52 miles up Sylvan Pass. You'll travel the Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway (US 14-16-20) up the verdant Sylvan Pass, which is littered with authentic dude ranches taking advantage of the prime terrain and location. You can also enter Yellowstone from the Northeast Entrace via the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, WY 296. The alternate route will take about 1.5 hours (78 miles) and takes you through Cooke City. This is the best route to take if you want to view Mammoth Hot Springs and its famous elk. Please note that neither of these options will allow car access to the park in winter, though snowcoaches and authorized snowmobiles can still access the park.

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The Greater Yellowstone Coalition strives to protect the greater ecosystem around Yellowstone and it has a main office in Cody.

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