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Biking & Bike Rentals

Take advantage of the vast Cody landscape by taking a bike tour and exploring all of Wyoming's beauty on the many excellent trails and bike tours the area has to offer.

  • Cody is a great place to rent a bike and explore the beautiful landscape of Wyoming.
  • There are a wide range of established trails all over the area catering to riders of all abilities.
  • Quality rental shops and guides are available to ensure your convenience, fun and safety.


Cody is a great place to get on a bike and explore the vast expanse of Wyoming in all its beauty. The area is ideal for biking and many trails and tours are available catering to riders of all abilities. Bikes made for two (or even four!) can be hired making it a fun day out for groups or families.

Where to go

First stop for biking in Cody is at the local Chamber of Commerce where you can pick up the Cody Mountain Biking Guide. You can explore trailheads inside the city such as Beck Lake, Park, Red lakes, Paul Stock Nature Trail or those found in all directions outside Cody, including the Shoshone National Forest and the McCullough Peaks. All trails are well established and offer recreation for riders of all abilities.

Outlaw Trails
The Outlaw Trails are popular among mountain bikers. To access from Cody, drive north on Highway 120 and then left on Newton Lakes Road. Follow the road for 1.4 miles to the first unmarked parking area on the right side of the road. There is a small but very fun network of trails here. Enjoy everything from the easy Fisherman's Trail to fun downhills like Twisted Sister.

Beck Lake Bike Park
A fun bike park for all ages is located just south of town. There is also a nice singletrack that circumnavigates Beck Lake. To get to the park, drive south on 17th Street. Take a right onto Meadow Lane and then a left onto 14th St/Reservoir Road.

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