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Red Lodge Montana

Traveling to Cody, WY from Red Lodge, MT, a distance of 65 miles, takes you through one of the most scenic areas in the west.

  • Red Lodge has a rich historical character, is close to Yellowstone, and has an abundance of outdoor recreational activities.
  • The community provides all types of lodging and a variety of places to eat.
  • Attractions range from a bank robbed by the Sundance Kid to a modern nature and wildlife facility.

Red Lodge, Montana is an exciting mountain town that is popular year round. Tourists are attracted to its rich historical character, its proximity to Yellowstone, and its abundance of outdoor recreational activities. Red Lodge is also a gateway to the Beartooth Scenic Highway.

Found in south central Montana, Red Lodge is just a hope, skip and a jump from the Wyoming border. It is close to wilderness areas, National Forests and BLM lands.

Red Lodge is a prime location for tourists. The community recognizes this and provides all types of lodging to include hotels, motels, vacation rentals, rustic cabins, condominiums, and Bed and Breakfasts.

There are also a great many good places to eat in town. Come enjoy saloons and steakhouses, cafes, bakeries, restaurants and ice cream parlors.

There is something for everyone in and around Red Lodge, Montana. Activities include biking, camping, climbing, fishing, golf, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, National Park excursions, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, whitewater rafting, and wildlife viewing.


  • Carbon County Bank Building – just one of many buildings in downtown listed on the National Register for Historic Places. This bank was robbed by the Sundance Kid in 1887.
  • Carbon County Historical Society & Museum - Highlights historic Red Lodge with Greenough rodeo collection, extensive historical gun collection, interactive coal mine exhibit and much more.
  • Red Lodge Mountain Ski Area – located 6 miles into the Beartooth Mountains. Enjoy a vertical drop of 2,350 feet with a base elevation of 7,100 feet and a top elevation of 9,416 feet. The longest run is 2.5 miles long and over half of the mountain is rated for intermediate skiers.
  • Beartooth Scenic Highway US 212– this roadway between the northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park and Red Lodge climbs to an astounding 10,947 feet above sea level. When you’re making your travel plans, remember that due to extreme conditions, the highway is only open Memorial Day weekend through early October.
  • Beartooth Nature Center - You might want to check out the Beartooth Nature Center, which allows you to see mountain lions, wolves, and bears up close. This is not a zoo, the nature center is home to animals that are orphaned or injured and are unable to survive in the wild.

Getting Here
Red Lodge, MT is approximately 65 miles north of Cody, WY. If you are headed to Cody from Red Lodge the shortest route is to travel south on MT – 72 to the Wyoming State line when it becomes WY – 120.

As you travel south, the mountain ranges will be to your right and the open plains to your left.

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