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Situated 90 miles southeast of Cody is the historic community of Worland, Wyoming, seat of Washakie County, and the center of rich farming and winter stock feeding. Read More

  • In addition to several choices of lodging facilities and eateries, Worland also has a hospital.
  • The Bighorn Mountains are located 25 miles east of Worland making the area an outdoor paradise filled with many recreational opportunities

The town of Worland was incorporated in 1906. Today the community continues to grow and prosper. Heritage and determination continue to drive this friendly, hospitable, western town into the future.

Within the town are modern houses, with nice lawns and gardens. The outskirts of Worland are marked with adobe houses of beet-field workers.

Several industries operate in the Worland area, including a beverage bottling plant and an aluminum can manufacturing plant.

Worland is centrally located in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming. The Bighorn Mountains are located 25 miles east of Worland.

The proud heritage of this Wyoming community is visible through the many churches, schools, parks, and the local hospital.

Whatever your mouth is hungry for, you will be able to find it in Worland. The community has fast food drive inns, steakhouses, cafes, restaurants and establishments for fine dining.

For places to stay, you can pick from hotels, motels, inns, and Beds and Breakfasts.

The Bighorn Mountains and Bighorn National Forest extend from the plains and Great Basin area of Wyoming northward into south central Montana. The area is an outdoor paradise filled with recreational opportunities including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and backpacking, horseback riding, mountain biking, picnicking, sightseeing, photography, snowmobiling, skiing, and sledding. In addition, there is a local golf course.


  • Pioneer Park – This park in the center of Worland has several sculptures and a bell tower celebrating the history of the town.
  • The Original Town Site of Worland - Located on the west side of the river near where 15 mile creek enters the Big Horn River “Camp Worland” consisted of “Dad” Worland’s Saloon, 2 hotels, Dance Hall, a tent school house, 3 retail stores, 4 residences, a Chinese Laundry and the Hanover Canal Company Office. Worland slid across the ice on the Big Horn River in the middle of the winter 1905 – 1906, to be on the right side of the river when the rail road got there the summer of ‘06’
  • Washakie Museum - Exhibits, including a major historical photograph collection, and learning programs relating to the art, history, geology, archaeology and paleontology of the region are featured at the museum, as well as musical and theatrical events.
  • Colby Mammoth Site - Parts of at least seven mammoths were found in an ancient arroyo in two areas Dating estimates place this site as early as 14,000 years ago. Other types of animal bones found on the Colby site include horse, camel, bison, pronghorn, jackrabbit and possibly musk-ox.

Getting Here
Cody, Wyoming is located approximately 90 miles northwest of Worland. Simply follow US-16/US-20 north, staying on that road and turning west at Greybull.

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