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Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel, located near Lovell, Wyoming, is a fascinating man made structure located in a position offering spectacular views, discovered in 1855 its origins remain a mystery.

  • The Medicine Wheel is a spectacular 80 ft wide man-made structure located near Lovell, Wyoming.
  • The huge 28 stock wheel is an amazing sight and boosts stunning views from its 9,956 feet elevation.
  • Mystery surrounds the building of the Medicine Wheel and numerous archeological, scientific and spiritual explanations have been offered.


The Medicine Wheel, near Lovell, Wyoming, is a truly fascinating structure surrounded by mystery and intrigue. The Wheel is located on a plateau at an elevation of 9,956 feet. It is 80 feet across with 28 rock stokes, yet despite the magnitude and impressiveness of the structure its original purpose remains unknown. Numerous scientific and religious theories have been offered but uncertainty remains, so come and see the mystery for yourself and enjoy the beautiful panoramas from the Absaroka range to the Pryor Mountains.


To visit the Medicine Wheel take US 14A and turn off onto Forest Road that is located 32.6 miles east of Lovell. The last 1.5 miles does not allow motor vehicles, except those for disabled access, so be prepared for a walk!


The best time to visit the Medicine Wheel is during the summer when there is no snow. Roads are usually closed from October to May due to weather conditions making a visit difficult. Access to the Medicine Wheel is also denied during Native American Ceremonies.

Additional Info

The Medicine Wheel is seen by many as a spiritual place and is used for native American ceremonies and visited to gain strength and power.