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Area Lakes

The scenic mountain lakes around Cody, Wyoming offer great fishing, serene surroundings with plenty of wildlife, willing trout, and so an ideal vacation experience for all.

  • Scenic lakes around Cody, Wyoming offer great fishing and beautiful surroundings
  • Try some boat, float tube or shore fishing on Cody, Wyoming lakes
  • Make a great catch at Beartooth, Island and Lily Lakes
  • Pull in some giant rainbows at Monster Lake

Overview of Location

In the Cody, Wyoming region, a fishing vacation couldn’t be better, with numerous lakes, ponds and reservoirs in which to find plenty of trout.

Type of waterway

Lovely lakes surround Cody and are great for many kinds of fishing, from boats and float tubes to fabulous shore fishing.

Fishing seasons

The best time to throw a line in any of the Cody Wyoming lakes is from July to September (sometimes lakes are snow or ice covered into June).

Most common fish species

The game fish species in the many pristine lakes include rainbow, brown, brook and lake trout. There is also Yellowstone cutthroat, Snake River cutthroat, rainbow-cutthroat hybrids, golden trout, mountain whitefish, splake and arctic grayling.

Popular lakes for fishing

Beartooth Lake offers “wakeless boat” fishing as well as great shore fishing. You can find some excellent rainbow and brook trout in Island Lake and Lily Lake.

Just outside of Cody you’ll find the crystal clear lakes of Newton and Luce, where you can catch some trout over 20 inches, possibly even up to 26 inches.

Try the Hogan Reservoir for some Snake River cutthroat exceeding 20 inches. And Monster Lake has its name for a reason. Rainbows can come in at 24 inches and hooking up to 20 fish in a day is not uncommon.

Be sure to check with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (307-527-7125) for the fishing regulations for these areas before you begin fishing. Everything will be taken care of if you hire a guide for your fishing trip. This can virtually guarantee the finest fishing excursion ever. Check out your options in the listings on this page.